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More Muscle. More Life.


App Features

Healthy Vegan Salad


All sections of the app have videos demonstrating each exercise so you'll feel like you can learn the interventions as you go!

Custom Macros

Thoren hand calculates macro nutrient guidelines for each and every individual. Whether you eat a lot of meat or none at all he'll customize a plan just for you.


Do you only exercise at home or at the gym? We have you covered! ōhk's programs have tons of variety filled with Thoren's years of training experience.


Our goal at ōhk is to help you change your body by adding muscle while losing fat in a sustainable fashion.


About Thoren

Thoren's professional experience spans many areas of expertise: an NCAA strength and conditioning coach, Functional Movement Screener (FMS), tactical health and fitness training for SWAT and the police force, corporate wellness, published in academia, and writer for 

While pursuing his Master's in Exercise Physiology from The University of the Pacific, he received the honor of "Student of The Year" twice. 

His passion is now to help people shape their lifestyle, bodies, and minds to fit their goals in a sustainable way. 


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...Thoren is open to communication with you about your goals and your acclimation to training. You'll pay $8.25 a month for a world class fitness trainer in you pocket who offers not only science based workout plans (emphasis on the plural) but also regressions, therapies and sagacious advice on diet and macros."

-zcabbott11, App Store Review